Don't Tell Um Remix

by JB Envy

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EOTC - End of the Chaos
JB Envy - Don’t Tell Um Remix
2014 #DRM #NCSU

You aint gotta say a damn thing/ why he blowing up your phone I aint see a ring/
plus you playing like you aint even see it ring/ all you thinking is bout is how quick can we get to it again/ again again and again / put that deep arch in it baby girl lemme see/ imma make that kitty sing and its more than few notes/heard you got that wet wet I’m known to float a few boats/ grab your hips like come er girl where you going/ this been what you waiting for what you running for/ spent a thousand or more for the top floor so you can have a view of the city when you let go/ ohhh ohhh lord here we go again/ mr get it how you live back to talking the shit again/ i knock knock they let me in what you expect/ I’m jeremy meeks with the visual one pic get her paycheck/

But i bet you let your girls know / they way i lay it down be better than what you had before/
I got a rep to uphold/ you just keep him on hold/ screenshot the screen then press record/
red light dark room before head hindu/ body convulsing magic voodoo/
i do it better than he do/ easy believe me/ cut the foreplay don’t tease me/
he the bed or the floor type I’m thinking the balcony legs on the shower door like
give me it all or don’t give me none/ I’m kobe when i’m in it/ he new to the winning (lebron)
let that sink it for a minute/ you gon make me have to fall asleep in it/ your mind spinning but this thing at attention either pay it attention or get that ass taught a lesson


released 13 August 2014
Produced by DJ Mustard
Written by J. Abasto




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